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Rob Fitzsimmons tops “A” Flight in Men’s League at Ainsdale

June 17, 2022

Rob Fitzsimmons was the top golfer in “A” Flight during Men’s Night at Ainsdale Golf Course, Thursday, with a score of 31.8. This week’s sponsor was Penetangear.

In second, was George MacDonald, 32.7; in third, was Mark Long, 32.8; in fourth, was Gordon Yoon, 33.4; and in fifth, was Jeramey Dinsmore, 33.5. Skins winners, were Blair Chaput and Bryan Gushue..

“B” Flight – Tim Palmer, 31.2; Cory Hamilton, 31.8; Mike Doyle, 32.5; John Peet, 32.7; Jeff Alcombrack, 33. Skins winners, were Jarred Colling and Blair Pollock.

“C” Flight – Chris Lee, 27.8; Liam Fitzgerald, 28.5; Mark Finlayson, 30.6; Kyle Smeltzer, 30.8; Chad Colling, 31. Skins winners, Art Jolley and Guy Maywood.

“D” Flight – Mike Orrell, 25.4; Jami Thompson, 29.5; Dan Austin, 32.8; Henry Lansink, 23.9; Boyd Carruthers, 33.9. Skins winners, were Al Matheson, Kent Liddle, Boyd Carruthers, Al Holl and Thompson.

The 50/50 draw winner, was Don Turcotte, $67 in club credit.

Draw prize winner for Closest to the Pin, was Josh Gauthier.

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