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Debby Antler wins “A” Flight in ladies’ golf action at Ainsdale

June 30, 2022

Debby Antler won “A” Flight in the ladies’ league at Ainsdale Golf Course, Tuesday (June 28), with a score of 26.6.

In second, was Karen Neilipovitz with 28.5, and in third, was Sharon MacDonald with 29.

“B” Flight: Sandy Liddle, 27.7; Linda MacTavish, 27.9; Jacqueline Swift, 28.6. Skins winners, were Whitney Coulter and Susan Morrison.

“C” Flight: Heather Struthers, 21.8; Ruth Johnston, 31.1; Deb Hunter, 31.7. Skins winners, were Struthers and Jen Lawrie.

“D” Flight: Pam Kinjerski, 25.8; Barb McBride, 21.1; Janice Gibson, 30.9. Skins winners, were Martha Lootsma, Deb Brindley, Donna Skinner and McBride.

Winner of the 50/50 draw, was Lesley MacGregor, $32 in club credit.

Sponsor was Everlastings of Lucknow, and prize winners, were Brenda Ackert, Cindy Schmidt, Norma Jean Rhody and Martha Lootsma.

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