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​Raising price of bag tags won’t help curb amount of garbage, says reader

March 6, 2023

To the Editor:
RE: “​Increase in bag tag prices is positive step toward cleaner environment, says reader”

I live in Huron-Kinloss Township so, maybe I should not be commenting on a Kincardine issue, but I have to weigh in.

In theory, I agree whole-heartedly with Mr. Wright and I firmly believe in user pay.

In reality, however, I am sure we will see increased dumping of garbage on sideroads and into private garbage containers.

I live near the 12th of Huron Township, west of Highway 21, and am always shocked in the spring to see how much garbage is dumped in this beautiful area. The ditches are covered with bagged garbage, wood stove ashes, and yard debris.

While no one knows for sure where this refuse comes from, raising bag tag prices sure won’t help.

Dale MacCrostie
RR4, Kincardine

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