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Gym Shorts: Taking that big step to join a fitness group

October 19, 2023

If you’ve been thinking about getting into better physical shape or maintaining your current fitness level, it may be time to join a gym or fitness group.

It is essential to investigate what fitness facilities or groups are out there that you could join, such as a gym, yoga or dance studio. It’s important to go into those facilities, meet a coach or representative, and find out what specific services they offer, the costs, and if they can support your fitness and health goals.  

Find a fitness facility with coaches who have the training and technical background that focuses on creating a supportive environment, and you will definitely feel comfortable and confident as you work to achieve your goals.

Armed with your researched information, take that big step and join a fitness group. Remember there are other alternatives if a club membership is not an option. Check with family and friends to see if there are walking, biking or running groups that you can join. There’s also the ubiquitous pickleball group, the tennis courts, and now the new Kincardine Beach volleyball courts to consider!

If you do join a gym, you will likely first work one-on-one with a coach. The coaches will assess your current fitness level – finding out what your strengths and limitations are. They will also work with you to set up a fitness plan. Based on your own personal goals, the expert trainers are there to guide you every step of the way. They will also know when to push you in a work-out and, as in my case, when not to.

What motivates you to want to work out is important. You have to want to be there and to learn. Hopefully, you have a budget that can support a membership. (In future columns, I will explore organizations that offer fitness programs for free.)

More importantly, you need to make the time to work out – whether it is in a gym or on your own. Experts say that if working out is a new behaviour for you, then it will take three months to change your habits. If you are committed to making this change in your lifestyle, then it will happen. In a club or fitness environment, coaches are awesome motivators to help keep you on track. 

It’s been almost two years since I joined a local Kincardine gym. When I first started, I was embarrassed that I could not do a push-up or simply hang from the high bar. Now I can. I can do work-outs that I could not do a year ago. I am just starting to really understand how to do the work-outs correctly. As one coach recently reminded me, “It’s not about how fast you can do something. It’s about the technique and your posture.”

I’m glad I joined a gym. It’s been a life-changing journey for me. Are you ready to take that step?

Always consult first with a medical professional or coach before starting a fitness program.

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