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Don Turcotte tops “A” Flight in Men’s League at Ainsdale

June 9, 2022

Don Turcotte was the top golfer in “A” Flight during Men’s Night at Ainsdale Golf Course, Thursday, with a score of 33.4. This week’s sponsor was Adidas.

In second, was Dennis Schmidt with 34.1, in third, was Dan Kelley with 34.3, and tied for fourth were Chad Carruthers and Phil Willits with 34.5. Skins winners, were Carruthers, Rhys Jones, Kelley, Tony Stapley, Derek Regier, and Turcotte.

“B” Flight – Trevor Decorte, 31.6; Jamie Bailey, 34; Duncan Hamann, 34.2; George MacDonald and Ben Scheel tied, 34.6. Skins winner, was Scheel.

“C” Flight – Bob Black, 35.4; Bob Bull, 35.6; Sean Poisson, 35.8; Justin Harker, 36.6; Mike MacNay, 36.8. Skins winners, were Poisson and Curtis Smith.

“D” Flight – Garrett Meurs, 34.2; Richard Emmerton, 34.3; Mike Emond, 36.4; Henry Lansink, 38; Kyle Smeltzer, 38.3. Skins winners, were Chad Colling, Emmerton, Emond, Meurs and Jim Prenger.

The 50/50 draw winner, was Curtis Smith, $53.50 club credit.

Draw prize winners were Scott Langille, Trevor Williams, Mike Meraw and Bob Black.

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