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Jeff Alcombrack tops “A” Flight in Men’s League at Ainsdale

June 24, 2022

Jeff Alcombrack was the top golfer in “A” Flight during Men’s Night at Ainsdale Golf Course, Thursday (June 23), with a score of 32.9. This week’s sponsor was Derek Regier, sales representative at Lake Range Realty.

In second place, was Dusty Hughes with 33.4, followed by Doug McLaughlin with 33.7, Carson Rutledge with 34.4, and Gordon Yoon with 34.5. Skins winner, was Hughes.

“B” Flight – Sean Poisson, 32.4; Tim Gallant, 33.6; Dave Robinson, 34.3, John Thususka, 35.1,Bryce McFadden, 35.2. Skins winners, were Brendon Collison, Ethan Skinner, Matt Skinner and Jordan St. Amand.

“C” Flight – Boyd Carruthers, 31.4; Joel Armstrong, 31.8; Liam Fitzgerald, 33; Zac McIntosh, 33.4; three-way tie for fifth, Brock Lowry, Curtis Smith, and Carson Watson, 34.2. Skins winners, were Carruthers, Fitzgerald and Watson.

“D” Flight – Mike Orrell, 30.4; Dan Austin, 35.1; Garrett Meurs, 35.2; Matthew Hibbitt, 35.3; Frank Merkt, 35.5. Skins winners, were Tyler McDonald and Meurs.

The 50/50 draw winner, was Don Martyn, $73.50 in club credit.

Draw prize winner for Closest to the Pin, was Travis McLaughlin. Other prize winners, were Richard Emmerton, Jisoo Yoon, Bob Black, Justin Harker, Bob Bull, Rick Kinjerski, Dave Robinson and Steve Jolley.

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