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Denise Tighe wins “A” Flight in ladies’ golf action at Ainsdale

July 9, 2022

Denise Tighe won “A” Flight in the ladies’ league at Ainsdale Golf Course, Tuesday (July 5), with a score of 34.3.

In second, was Maureen Peet with 36.3, and in third, was Karen Neilipovitz with 36.8. Skins winners were Peet and Tighe.

“B” Flight: Mandy Chapman, 33; Sandy Petter, 33.6; Cathy Alcombrack, 35. Skins winners, were Chapman, Wendy Gardner, Petter and Deb Quinn.

“C” Flight: Judy Gordon, 30.9; Pat Emmerton, 34.1; Jen Lawrie, 34.5. Skins winners, were Charlene Bruce, Gordon, and Lawrie.

“D” Flight: Brittany Haines, 33.7; Shelley Sayle, 34.6; Susan Earle, 34.9. Skins winners, were Shirley Cole, Haines, Pam Kinjerski, Gail MacIntosh, Sayle, and Diane Small.

Winner of the 50/50 draw, was Bev Spence, $29 in club credit.

Sponsor was Penetangear of Kincardine, and Judy Gordon won the Tilley hat.

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