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Nancy Stewart wins “A” Flight again in ladies’ golf action at Ainsdale

August 25, 2022

Nancy Stewart won “A” Flight again in the ladies’ league at Ainsdale Golf Course, Tuesday (Aug. 23), with a score of 30.9.

In second place, was Deb Hogg with 34; and in third, was Denis Tighe with 34.6. Skins winners, were Colette LePage and Stewart.

"B” Flight: Deb Quinn, 30.4; Trudy Catto, 30.7; Gloria Coulter, 33.4. Skins winners, were Quinn and Catto.

“C” Flight: Jen Lawrie, 30; Robin Ballantyne, 31; Pat Emmerton, 34.3. Skins winners, were Lawrie, Norma Jean Rhody and Judy Gordon.

“D” Flight: Susan Earle, 31.4; Abby Brajuha, 31.5; Donna Skinner, 31.8. Skins winners, were Sandy Black, Skinner, Beth Mimnagh, Shelly Pollock and Janice Gibson.

Winner of the 50/50 draw, was Deb Clarke, with 31.50 in club credit.

Sponsor was Penetangear, and prize winner, was Cindy Schmidt.

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