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​Trevor Williams tops “A” Flight in men’s league at Ainsdale

August 27, 2022

Trevor Williams was the top golfer in “A” Flight during men’s night at Ainsdale Golf Course, Thursday (Aug. 25), with a score of 31.3.

In second, was Phil Willits with 32.1, followed by Chris Brown, 32.2; Brett Catto, 32.5; and Mike Harper 32.9.

“B” Flight – Derek Adair, 31.2; Rick Kinjerski, 32.5; Dave Neilipovitz, 32.9; Arno Weissenboeck, 33.5; and tie for fifth, Adam Burgess and Brendon Collison, 33.6. Skins winners, were Brandon Wilson, Phil Thompkins, Dusty Hughes and Burgess

“C” Flight – Travis Howard, 30.8; Riley McNab, 31.2; tie for third, Richard Ford, Scott McFarlan and Evan Dyer, 32.8. Skins winners, were Howard, Tim Palmer and Dyer.

“D” Flight – Keith Hundt, 28.7; Tyler Murray, 30.2; Mike Orrell, 30.4; Shawn Burrows, 309; Walter Hogg, 32.4. Skins winners, were Stephen Malolepszy and Reece Cooper.

The 50/50 draw winner, was Dave Beamish, $63.50 in club credit.

This week’s sponsor was Cory Hamilton Royal LePage and Edward Fuels, and draw winners were Andy McNab, Brian Regier, Zac McIntosh, Chase Meurs, Jeff Chapman, Brett Catto, Scott Martyn, Bryan Marsh, Glyn Pinkney, Ken Bresee, and Dan Dodds.

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