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​Josh Gauthier tops “A” Flight in men’s league at Ainsdale

September 22, 2022

Josh Gauthier was the top golfer in “A” Flight during men’s night at Ainsdale Golf Course, Thursday (Sept. 22), with a score of 34.8.

In second, was Dane Dunlop, with 35.1; followed by Mike Harper with 35.3, Mark Long with 35.9, and Charles Candler with 36. Skins winners, were Blair Chaput and Gauthier.

“B” Flight – Keegan McLelland, 32.4; Scott Langille, 32.7; Dusty Hughes, 32.8; Steve Jolley, 33.4; Brandon Wilson, 33.8. Skins winners, were Tyler Frook, Jolley, Dennis Schmidt and Hughes.

“C” Flight – Mark Finlayson, 28.5; Cory Hamilton, 33.2; Murray Wardell, 33.9; and tie for fourth, Rod MacDonald and Bryan Marsh, 36.2. Skins winners, were Finlayson and Hamilton.

"D” Flight – Larry Gordon, 32.4; Al Holl, 32.7; Justin Harker, 34.1; tie for fourth, Dan Austin and Joel Plater, 35.5. Skins winners, were Darcy Scott, Al Matheson, Jim Prenger and Harker.

The 50/50 draw winner, was Matt Hounsell, $45.50 in club credit.

This week’s sponsor was Dan Kelley Custom Cabinetry, and draw winners were Trevor Williams, Chad Carruthers, Mark Long, Brett Catto, Ron Lawless, Tim Palmer and Jim Prenger.

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