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​Final senior men’s results at Ainsdale Golf Course

September 23, 2022

The team of Dave Beamish, Harvey Lootsma, Dennis Pierson and Dave Hodgson won “A” Flight in the senior men’s closing day at Ainsdale Golf Course, Sept. 21.

In second place, was the team of Arno Weissenboeck, Garry Skelding, Ted Carthy and Bob Bull. Also scoring a minus-two, was the team of Al Robertson, Bob Black, Frank Merkt and Scott Langille; and the team of Dave Hannay, Wayne Morrow, Stephen Malolepszy and Jim Guenther.

In “B” Flight, the top team was Ken Bresee, Gil Graham, Ron Lawless and John Thususka.

In second place, was the team of Jim Prenger, Robert Crawford, Jim Grobowsky and Ron Wright. Also scoring minus-two, was the team of Bill Henderson, Glyn Pinkney, John Downs and David Blenkinsop. Scoring even-par, was the team of Brian Rhody, John Pickett, Doug Cowley and Mo MacKenzie; and scoring plus-two, was the team of Ken MacPherson, Terry Colwell, Richard Ford and Bill Stewart.

In “C” Flight, first place went to the team of Maurice Wilson, Donald MacDonald, Jim Hamnett and Jim Newman.

In second place, was the team of Murray Elston, Doug Dechene, Tim McCormick and Jim Roche.

At plus one, was the team of Ken Ritz, Don (Curly) Hughes, Peter Kirkpatrick and Rob Stalker; and the team of Mike DePapp, Richard Emmerton, Roy Douglas and Stewart Hillis.

In “D” Flight, the first-place team was Irv Kennedy, Al Norman, Tom Bruce and Rod Shanks.

In second place, was the team of Mike Emond, Al Holl, Paul Pickett and Andre Bellemarre.

At plus-two, was the team of Derek Kennedy, Anand Panditrao, Peter Newson and Percy Courtney; and at plus-three, was the team of Vaughn Munro, John Lamphier, Harry Hicks and Bruce Sine.

The team that had the most fun, included John Curtis, Ray Kester, Wayne Murphy and Harry Ferrier.

Closest to the Pin (sponsored by Morrison MacKenzie Realty Services), were John Downs, No. 3; and Jim Grobowsky, No. 8.

Draw prize winners, were Mo MacKenzie, Mike Emond, Dennis Pierson, Peter Newson, Dave Hodgson, Percy Courtney, Dave Beamish, Harry Ferrier, Bill Stewart and Garry Skelding.

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