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​Scotiabank needs to re-evaluate closure in Kincardine, says customer

November 11, 2023

To the Editor:
RE: “Scotiabank in Kincardine set to close next July”

I write to express my deep concern about Scotiabank's recent decision to close its branch in Kincardine, a small but vibrant community that has long been a loyal supporter of the bank.

This move, despite the bank's impressive gross profit of more than $23-billion in the past 12 months, has left Kincardine residents without access to essential in-person or machine banking services in their own community.

Kincardine is not just any small town; it is home to many hardworking individuals who are employed at the Bruce Power nuclear site, contributing to both the local and national economy. These residents have trusted Scotiabank with their financial needs for years, and in return, they now face a void in banking services, an inconvenience that seems unjustifiable given Scotiabank's robust financial performance.

The decision to close the Kincardine branch appears to prioritize corporate profits over the well-being of loyal customers and the communities they serve. It reeks of corporate greed, showing little consideration for the very people who have helped build the bank's success over the years. This action sends a clear message: the welfare of the community is secondary to the bottom line.

Such actions not only damage the bank's reputation but also harm the trust between financial institutions and the people they serve. It's disheartening to witness a financial giant disregarding the values of community, loyalty, and responsible corporate citizenship. The closure of the Kincardine branch is a real "screw you" to the people of Kincardine.

I strongly encourage Scotiabank customers to reconsider their banking choices. It is essential that we support financial institutions that prioritize the needs and well-being of the communities they serve, rather than those solely focused on their balance sheets. It is our responsibility, as consumers, to ensure that corporations remember the importance of serving the people, especially in smaller and less densely populated areas.

Let's hope that Scotiabank re-evaluates its decision, reconsiders its priorities, and reinstates the essential banking services that Kincardine deserves.

Graham Hancock

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